Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Back to the real world and getting the taste of mud straight away... is not how I expected the aftermath of a beautiful and relaxing vacation, but that's how things move I guess!

Tolerance before Anger. Silence before Storm. Patience before Success. Darkness before Sunrise. Journey before The End. Pregnancy before Birth. Love before Heartbreak. Life before Heaven or Hell.

Everything is followed or lead by something that has an impact, may be good or bad that depends. Things that may make you search your soul or make you look into your eyes and face the fear underneath the dream you think you live or make you look beyond the walls and find a world that you never thought you could be a part off. Making it look easy or difficult.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Divine Connection

So many modes of communications are available in today's world. So many gadgets and means have been developed and more are being invented so as to bring people close and connected. Success of social media like Facebook or Twitter etc have connected people beyond their approach. A celebrity who writes his or her blog daily or uses twitter to connect has become a part of life of an ordinary person and has become communicable and approachable by commenting back at their views or thoughts which they have made public. Anyone can be found or reached and that's the web laid out by the modes and means of communication in today's world. Making chat a surreal experience by bringing in long distance video chats accessible and affordable to every person. 
All these connections that modern world has made possible may have made people accessible but have they succeeded in bringing people together at emotional level or connected their hearts and minds for real??? No matter who it is, a person is always looking for a real connection.  Millions of twitter followers or millions of Facebook friends are worth nothing if you don't feel their pain or get to be a part of their happiness or share a hug and a touch or share something which is exclusively meant to make you or them feel special or wanted or loved or liked or cared.
Something amazing has happened over last one week a divine connection or a natural connection, I don't know what to say it, but it was a connection that really moved me.
My Grandma has been feeling very restless, dull, quite and not very well from within. It was as if something has been happening but she didn't knew what it was, at old age everything sums up to being old, but this was beyond anyone of us had thought off. We received news about her sister being seriously unwell, so we took my grandma to see her sister, at the age of ninety you can't let them miss a chance, and there it was the moment,  it was told to us that she has been seriously unwell for about a week or so, instantly it connected the dots in my mind, and when they both met It was so clearly visible that everything within my grandma eased of and the two sister's in their nineties not in the best position to communicate held each others hands and the transfer of warmth, love and sense of care and the happiness to see each other (alive!), in that touch was beyond any worldly connections that we form today. Unfortunately the old lady passed away.
What has happened here is unexplainable and it beats all the forms of communication. No matter how actively we connect through fb or twitter or even through a phone or anything, nothing can beat the connection that lies within us. Its divine or natural, is a perspective, but it reaches beyond all odds no matter what, and gives our existence a personal meaning because if we remain personally connected then no matter where we are someone will always be concerned or will always know if something is not going on well. 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Candy Politics

There used to be incidents of kidnapping where children were looped in by kidnappers by offering them chocolates or candies. The politics in India has come to this level, where the candidates manipulate the voters  by offering them candies. The difference is the child here is not supposed to be dumb but he looses his wit in taking a tough decision which should go beyond short term benefits. The bigger picture though known is unseen in the fog of lucrative offers and promises which sedate the general public in fantasizing a perfect government. Hence, resulting into opinion which are not formed by the collective information available at disposal, this ultimately results in unworthy government and an unworthy opposition.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

What Lies Beyond is Another Beyond.

There is no stopping to anything, no matter how hard you try or what you do, its an endless process of new wishes or desires or feelings or thoughts. Contention is just a thought never achieved.

The road always moves ahead as you move on, it may take a turn but it never ends. As long as the world continues, so long will BEYOND.

Acceptance of something is not the end of the process it is just a turn in another direction with different perspective. The more you reach the more is created to achieve, laying down an endless path of reaching beyond. There are no boundaries for anything for everything evolves. You keep doing it for IT never ends.

There is always something happening somewhere, which reaches out to you in the most unexpected way, which alters the way of our life creating something new and expanding the horizon of the journey undertaken, hence, creating another BEYOND.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Politics for Nothing

I am not an ardent follower of politics or  fan of Indian politics but I intend to keep track of what's happening around so as to update my GK quotient.

Current political scenario in India is not motivating its complicated and extremely confusing from a voters perspective.

One party party is talking about eradicating corruption from India, as if it were polio. Another is talking about development of India, as if India extends beyond them. Then another, is talking about continuing the developments that has happened over last decade or so, as if we haven't seen enough. Hence creating an extreme distribution of votes of every caste, community and section of the society, which will eventually lead to coalition.

The so called 'Modi lehar', sounds like a snacks campaign, is very catching but ambiguous. The person trying to be at the helm of centre is considered "Communist" but in his campaign speeches he has given communal thoughts a backseat. What is ironic is that instead of him it is the associates and the people whose suggestion influence his decision continue to talk about communalism. Thereby maintaining the attention of those who are loyal supporters while garnering the support of those who seek development and life beyond communalism. Very cleverly both types of support, communal and development, is being generated by a party. What is to be seen is whether people take decision based on collective or individual talks.

The major concern that seems to come up is communal extremism becoming active and visible as in one of the leading states of the country. There may be development but a particular section may be made to pay price for that. My sincere concern or prediction is, there will soon be communal disturbance in some regions in India and there will be war with a neighbouring country. This will result in economic development either being lead or followed by economic turmoil and social imbalance and disintegration of society.

I choose absolute development. But no one is ensuring that. I have the option and may abstain my right when the time comes!